Calling The Police After a Car Accident

Calling The Police

You naturally think about the safety of people involved in the accident right after it happens. You will think about insurance matters and the party at fault. It is normal to have doubts and just want to get things over as soon as possible. The problem is what you do or do not do after the car accident can influence the result of the injury claim you might want to file.

Regan Zambri Long in Washington DC recommends that you always do the following so that everything will be smoother in the future.

Call 911

There are different legal requirements in different US states about when you are obliged to contact the authorities and when you are not. Usually, everything is connected to whether or not people are injured and what property damage appeared. Also, it is always relevant to contact 911 when you think someone broke a traffic rule. Obviously, the same applies when there are serious injuries visible.

Minor fender benders are often not reported but you should still contact the police, even if you do it the following day. Amicable insurance information exchange can easily become a huge disagreement. It is just so much better to have police officers on site.

The Importance of The Police Report

Calling 911 means the police will come and will make a report. That report will include the versions of the parties involved about what happened and the assessment of the police officer. The report is very important for future insurance claims. So, make sure you get one.

When the police will not arrive at the scene, you have to report the car accident. Just go to the police station for that. You will discuss circumstances and offer details, together with data you get at the scene, like insurance information. At the scene, you should get the details of the other driver’s license plate number, contact details, insurance details, and driving license number.

When To Move the Car After the Car Accident

The car might end up blocking traffic after the accident or might be in a dangerous position. Generally, you have to move the vehicle to somewhere safe, preferably at the side of the road. However, you should only do this when there are no injured parties and when you can actually move the car.

If the car cannot be moved, regardless of the reason why you need to use the hazard lights and move yourself away so you will not be hit by oncoming traffic. If a person is injured, make sure you do not move the car. This is because it will add to the injuries and can bring in extra liability as you claim for damages.

Discuss Your Case with An Attorney

Being injured can quickly become very expensive. You have to deal with medical bills, the time you cannot work, and several other complications. So, before you take legal actions or you try to negotiate an insurance settlement, discuss your case with a car accident attorney. This will give you the best possible guidance and will take care of any problem you might experience.