Month: April 2020

Prepaid Legal Services Overview

Our word has become more and more dangerous over the years. Driving down the freeway on our way to work we pass by collisions on a weekly basis. Turning on your local news station will give you even more accident news. With the number of tragedies that strike everyday there is a need for medical and legal resources.

Damage control is something that we naturally do as Americans. We purchase car insurance, home insurance, renters insurance and for some prepaid legal service.

Although an army of attorneys at your beck and call could be nice, there are a number of people that will find prepaid legal service to be a waste of money. If you are injured in a serious accident it would be a good idea to retain a skilled personal injury lawyer. Most personal injury lawyers will offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee. In this situation a prepaid legal service is not the best solution.

For those who are handling their own legal matters, a prepaid legal plain may be a good choice. These plains usually work similar to your medical benefits. You or your employer pay an annual fee and in exchange you are provided with specific legal services which are dependent on your specific plan.

Plans provided can vary. Some plans could include an office consultation, phone consultations and help preparing legal documents. More extensive plans may cover trials and dispute resolutions.

There are two types of prepaid legal plan available to consumers. The first is the basic access plan for employees. This is where a member can easily access legal services through the telephone.

The second type is the comprehensive prepaid legal plan. Aside from the consultation services, a comprehensive plan will usually allow a member to receive employer-funded benefits. Benefits can include negotiations with parties, preparing legal documents and representation in court. Some companies offer legal service coverage for families too.

The big question that everyone wants to know here is this. Is it worth it to purchase a prepaid legal plan? Not knowing what the future holds can be a scary situation for most people. When considering one of these plans I use the following logic. If I were to need legal advice I might purchase the prepaid legal plan but only after I considered other options. Try calling a few law firms to see if you can schedule a free consultation. If that doesn’t help a prepaid legal plan maybe just what you need. Still there may be other situation where you can handle your own claim yourself. The number of self-help articles out there and books available online make it possible for you to gain the knowledge you need at a fraction of the cost.

Legal Support Agencies Offer Document Preparation

Organizations that employ fulltime legal counsel may contract with a legal services company for a number of reasons. But one form of legal support received by almost all organizations requiring legal counsel is document preparation. From subpoenas to authorized documents, the number of legal documents surrounding a single case or court proceeding can be immense, and they typically have a bearing on the timeliness of a case. If your organization retains attorneys, one of the keys to getting the most out of their expertise is hiring a legal services company to perform record retrieval. Below, we list three ways that hiring a legal services company can support your attorneys and improve their performance.

Subpoena and Authorization Order Preparation

In addition to offer subpoena preparation, an excellent legal support company distinguishes itself by offering subpoena preparation for all subpoena types, including civil subpoenas, worker compensation subpoenas, federal subpoenas, medical malpractice subpoenas, insurance defense subpoenas and product liability and mass tort subpoenas. In addition, a legal support company will appropriately construct and deliver a variety of subpoenas by case type and jurisdiction. In addition to offering a broad rage of subpoena types according to case type and jurisdiction, a support company can also provide attorneys with an internalized automated record retrieval database that allows for the accurate and timely retrieval of all records. In addition to subpoenas, a support company will also offer HIPPA authorization forms for numerous entities on its website, as well as employ a HIPPA Privacy Officer and be able to show that its entire staff have signed a HIPPA confidentiality agreement.

Online Services that are Easy to Use

Almost all legal support companies offer online resources, but the top companies offer services that allow attorneys to maximize their attention toward the development of a case. For instance, while the custom ordering of legal documents is a commonly offered online service, a top support company will also allow its clients to attach various forms of documentation to a document order while using the support provider’s database to search for a deponent. Top support companies also allow their clients to easily manage and sort requests, attain real-time status updates on orders of all sizes, cancel duplicate orders and add to submitted orders. Once the records are prepared, a top support agency allows attorneys to save or download the documents online and retrieve them at any time from a private, secure server that offers encrypted storage and transmission. Because attorneys often require non-traditional documents that strengthen their arguments or simplify complex information, top support companies also offer the following types of documents in a timely fashion: oversized documents, color documents, x-ray documents and duplicated of x-ray documents, trial boards and a wide variety of documents for discovery phase and trial preparation.